5 Apps That Make Your Online Tuition Successful

5 Apps

The process of gaining online knowledge is incredibly different from conventional ways of learning. The teaching method is inherently one-sided where students can tend to fall into procrastination leading to a lack of motivation to achieve targets. To cater to this problem, let’s highlight the resources that are designed to help students to work effectively in an online study session. The apps shared below are used to fight key issues that students face when they are working in an online study program. 

It is an app that lets you take notes while you are working in class. The main issue that students face in an online class is maintaining focus. In an online tutoring session, there is a video of a person who is talking while you listen trying to maintain focus throughout. Notability will allow you to take notes, make your own rough diagrams and a chance to link back the content of your notes to the lecture. In case, your storage space is finished you can also take out an extra notebook (physical) and simply jot down all the important points that you see are relevant. 

You are doing the prescribed reading and the process is lonesome without your classmates. With Lightsail you can get started on the process of making friends who are sharing in your knowledge. You will also be able to make notes of your readings on the apps while your friends and instructors are providing their insights on the readings. This is a simple and effective way to ensure that you are working with like-minded individuals to get on the right track. 

This is a time tracking app that works with the Pomodoro technique and includes visual progress graphs as well as timesheet recording system. All of these features will allow you to develop effective and fruitful ways to stay focused on your studies. Focus Booster will allow you to live your schedule in real-time as you would have if you were going to a physical school.

This is an assessment app that instructors use often but as a student, you can also use to create tests. At the end of every week, your study mates and you can create tests for each other to understand how prepared you are. The tests are automatically graded but if the test taker wants to give some comments on the results then that is also possible by the app. 

Now If your mom is helping you out with your studies then this is the ideal app for you to use! Homeroom Mom is an effective app that works as an online support community. Parents or mentors of students can sign up on the app, develop a group and make sure that their underlings are working well through the online course. They can develop class projects together, share tips and make support groups to help each other out. 

You will find many apps here that you have never seen in any of the active online course providers. That is because online course providers are not focused on improving the online learning experience. Instead, they are focused on making sure that the variety of courses available online continues to increase.

There are many ways to ensure that the process of online learning is effectively done but the main focus is on making a diverse range of information available online. Even though it is a formidable cause, we believe that it is time to focus on how to make the process of online tutoring easier and effective for students.

We wish you luck in your online classes here at Tavvy!