A-Level Research Papers: Free Fiction & Nonfiction Books

The research process during high school education is complex. The students usually have an obligation to provide a long list of research papers with quotations from books. 


Let’s consider a scenario where you don’t remember your online EBSCO host access login information and you have a sudden deadline. How do you ensure that you are quoting the right books in the paper you are writing at that moment? Worry not, these resources allow you to have free ebooks available online that can be used as a quick reference reservoir. They are considered to be the best free ebooks resource you will find in the market!


They have more than 100 free books and the content is available in plain HTML or ASCII and will not need an e-reader. They are continuously adding new books to their website so you will find new books in their rooster every day. 

Classic Bookshelf:

The website has more than 3000 classical books. There is no classical assignment that you can get which won’t be doable with this resource. The books can be customized by the reader, meaning you can mark and highlight the books after making your own account. You will have access to books with annotation, print out and saving options. You can find the right books for yourself in no time. 

Book Stacks:

The website has 10,000 books and counting with topics including American literature, World Literature, Cookbooks, History Books, Travel Books, British Literature and a wide range of other books. There is virtually no assignment you can get from your tutors that you cannot find the resource for. 

Chest Of books:

Do not need fiction anymore? No worries, Chest of Books is devoted to non-fiction books and the total number is less than a thousand. But it is a nice pile with truly era-defining reads. When you are looking for a strong reference from the nonfiction pile, you should dig into this website.

Classic Authors:

Classic authors have a collection of all the classical books online. There is an extensive library for you to browse and find the books you need. The collection, as the name states, is focused on classical books that are commonly chosen by teachers and are a regular part of the curriculum.

Ebook Lobby:

Ebook Lobby is the collection of nonfiction books that will be a great aid in making your case. These are criticism collections on a wide range of subjects and you will find a ton of references to use for all kinds of needs that you will have. 

Daily Lit: 

Daily lit is good because you can get the books in your email address through subscription. When you have exams coming up, it is super convenient to get a wide range of material in your email address that you can place in the right spots. The collection includes contemporary books, both fiction and non- fiction that are focused on business, education, computing, and art. The content is so broad, you can make great research papers with the references that you will get in your email. 


Need a reservoir of literature books that include plays, poetry, picture books, short stories, and complete novels that are continuously needed in the high school literature papers. You will have a simple and straightforward pile that will help you a great deal. 

Full Books:

If it’s free, it’s probably available here. The website has thousands of free ebooks for you to choose from. You will get access to all the free ebooks that are available in the market, and if you are diverging from mainstream research and going into a more specialized research line, then this is the website for you. 


Need an unknown reference ebook that you want? You will probably find it here. Whenever a book is made available for free then it is also listed here. So it is a good resource to look for.

All in all, do not lose hope about doing research in your papers. There are plenty of ebook portals available for you to choose from. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.