C Programming: Advanced Training With Free Resource

C Programming taught online is a different experience than learning in person. Your instructor is going to have a much more interactive session with you in person than in online learning. Online learning is divided into three stages that we have chosen here. Each resource that we provide will help you understand the way to manage your expectations and learning process in accordance with the learning level that you are at. 

C Programming Tutorials 

This is an ideal resource for beginners as it starts the process of explaining C Programming from scratch. The videos address the process from the standpoint of a person who is learning from scratch and the explanation is very easy to understand. The tutorials have an extensive library of 58 videos that were created by the Youtube channel thenewboston. It has been watched by an audience of 8.1 million people so it must be doing something right. The videos are short, less then 10 minutes each so they are easy to watch. It’s a great aid to understanding the basic concepts of the C programming language and will get you started for free. 

These are the major lectures you should check out. 

  • Basics of the C programming language
  • Break, continue, and switch
  • Character functions
  • Global vs local variables
  • File operations with C
  • Arrays and pointers
  • Looping
  • Nesting if statements
  • Creating a header file
  • Typecasting
  • Puts and gets
  • Pass by reference vs. Pass by value
  • Strings and pointers

Learning to Program in C by Jonathan Engelsma

You have taken a short course on C programming, know the basics and are ready for advanced learning online. A boring but highly elaborated ‘Learning to Program in C’ is an exceptional collection of video tutorials that was developed by Jonathan Engelsma is your best bet. He is a computer scientist, an expert programmer and of course an avid teacher. We recommend conducting group study sessions to understand these lectures. So that you guys can push each other through this course.

These videos introduce the main concepts of C language and then discuss extensively complex concepts including Swift and Ruby. All of the videos are available for free. There is a total of 9 videos but they are pretty long. They have been viewed by nearly 100,000 people and it is a great way to understand the basic concepts. 

Following are the few concepts covered here:

  • Basics of C
  • Dynamic memory allocation: calloc(), free(), and malloc()
  • Arithmetic and logical expressions
  • Input/output using putchar/getchar and printf/scanf
  • Functions: syntax, definition, local variables, call-by-value, call-by-reference, and recursion
  • Single and multidimensional arrays
  • Looping and branching
  • Data types
  • Reading from and writing to files using functions from the C Standard I/O library
  • Strings and pointers
  • Typedef, struct, and union

C – Geeks for Geeks 

If you want a written instructions manual because you are an avid C Programming developer who needs a top-up every now and then; here is an entire directory that focuses on C- Programming articles and allows you to understand the most complex topics as explained by the experts. The list in the directory is growing all the time because all C- Programming experts continue to add new content. 

Whether you are a skilled individual or a beginner, you will find the right content for yourself at your own pace. It has topics from the basics to highly advanced file management on C Programming. 

A few important covered topics are as follows:

  • Fundamentals of C
  • Data types
  • Enum, struct, and union
  • Control statements
  • Functions
  • File handling with C
  • Input/output
  • Memory management
  • Operators
  • Arrays & strings
  • Storage classes
  • Variable declaration, definition, and scope
  • Preprocessor
  • Pointers

The Udemy Advanced C Programming: Pointers

An obvious choice indeed, our Udemy pride and joy bring earners with basic clarity of C Programming into the master realm, It has an eye-popping rating of 4.6 and more than 6000 students are using this service for free from all over the world. 

The course is so globally well reached that it is also offered in Polish, Romanian, Thai, Italian, and Indonesian languages and it will also be offered in other languages in the coming future. Once you pay a nominal fee of Udemy, you have lifelong access to the entire course. It comes with 7 resources that can be downloaded to increase the learning curve of the students. The students receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course. The following are the topics that are covered in the classes provided.

  • Indirection and multiple indirections
  • Deep and shallow copying
  • Memory allocation and relocation
  • Pointer arithmetic
  • Pointers and addresses
  • Stacks and queues
  • Generic pointers and casts
  • Singly and doubly linked lists
  • Common pointer errors

Check these out and we wish you the best of luck in your programming journey!