CAT 4: Everything You Need To Know!
The UK educational system takes the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4). It assesses the educational caliber of the students. Check out this video to know more. The test is available for children in high school. But it estimates their academic potential rather than their present performance. The test is not an assessment of their learning curve. It is an assessment of the learning potential that the students may be able to use. CAT4 testing focuses on the untapped potential of the students. 


As a student or a parent, individuals wonder how they can use CAT4 to their benefit. Here are a few benefits of CAT4 that Glassgow Assessment has listed. 
  • Honest Assessment: 

Rather than testing the proverbial cramming potential of the students. It tests the potential that the student retains. So, the result is that the exam will test the students on their ability to further learn and use their knowledge. The parents or their instructors will find this vital information to understand. Whether to challenge the student more and gain a stronger education or become more focused on only pushing them to a certain point
  • Performance Feedback:  

The CAT4 scores come with an extensive parental report that addresses the parents’ experience. Hence, it advises them on how to proceed further. The report explains to the parents how to use the grades for the betterment of the child. It will suggest a strategy on making sure that the child improves with the use of these scores. 
  • Student Aid: 

According to credible sources, these scores are a national benchmark of the student’s performance. So, the students with weaker school grades use CAT4 results to exhibit their educational prowess to institutions that are considering their applications

The Exam:

The exam focuses on the pupil’s ability assessment of how the pupil is able to translate their education into applicable skills. The person will be able to turn their training into viable skills during the exam. George Spencer UK explains the exam in an excellent fashion at  The four sections of the exam are as follows:

Verbal Reasoning:

It is the process of clear thinking and expressing opinions in clear words. Verbal Reasoning assesses the analytical skills of the person in this section of the exam. It sees if they are able to discern complex information and make accurate deductions about the query.

Spatial Reasoning:

This section tests the visuospatial ability of the student to make relationships between various shapes and forms of objects.
Non- Verbal Reasoning:
CAT4 evaluates problem-solving skills through the use of pictures, and diagrams to understand the analytical skills of the person. The skills use the concepts students learn in schools in subjects such as math and science. 

Quantitative Reasoning:

Quantitative Reasoning uses mathematical knowledge that student has gained to solve real-life, hypothetical, problems related to maths. So the test shows a clear comprehension of the concept. 


CAT4 is a standardized test that 25000 students take every year. A quarter of a million students take this test every year and their scoring, test content and assessment methods are judged for improvement every year

Score Card:

Shared above is the scorecard for CAT4, it is measured in three main ways. 
Standard Age Score: The total grade is130 and it is the score that CAT4 provides. Score is an indication of how the student performed. Stanine Score: This is the score that the student will convert their SAS into so the students submit this score to educational institutions. National Percentile Rank (NPR): It is the conversion of SAS into the nationally recognized percentile chart . Educational institutions  use the ranking system to estimate student performance. 

Transition Process:

Educational experts use CAT4 in cases when students transition from one educational system like IGCSE to A-Levels and vice versa. And the test assesses the students accurately to put them in the right levels and sections. The CAT4 results that allow schools to accurately assess the student and understand their strengths in learning.
CAT4 is the key test in the British curriculum that is taken by a quarter of a million students every year. Thus, we are here to explain the process best to the students who are studying or planning to study in these years.