Choosing the right degree: simple steps for students to Follow

We all believe that we are influenced by external factors like educational background, social class, and geographical location. But statistics show that first-time freshmen who were admitted to colleges all believe that all of these factors play less than five percent of their role in their chances of success according to a recent survey.

Choosing the right degree

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Early Application:

The process of early application yields great results in admission success. According to the NCACA survey, 73% of the early applicants were admitted to colleges. The number of early applicants getting successful admission increases every year according to the survey with a 5% increase per year.

The Right School: 

Don’t just go for a brand based education but choose a university that will suit your aims of learning. If a school is good for medicine, it does not mean it is great for architecture as well. So make sure that you know your own program, your instructors, course curriculum, mode of execution and various other aspects of your own program. This will ensure that the program that you choose is catered to your own needs and not the hype alone.

College Major Assessment:

We are personally not big fans of MBTI personality tests. We believe that they are the horoscopes of human psychology. But you can look into this as well. MBTI stands for Myers Briggs Type Indicator, these tests are openly available. Take an authentic MBTI test and you will see the type of personality that fits your mindset. Every personality will come with its own career options and you can choose the right career option that fits your own needs. But you can check out how careers are decided by MBTI personalities in this article at Elite Daily

The Factors that Effect College Admission Chances:

The following are the stats that caught our eye: 

First-Year Freshmen’s Considered Factors in Admission Decisions


Now we will discuss the chart and gain some interesting insight into the process of application as seen by students who got in successfully.  

  • Counselor Versus Teacher Recommendation: 

    Research shows that counselor recommendation seems to have a stronger influence on college admission chances than the teacher recommendation. The teacher recommendation seems to only weigh in 7% according to students while counselor recommendations have a hefty 15% influence. In our opinion, the reason is that both admission panels and the students understand that the counselors have a stronger relationship with students than teachers. Most high schools have a wide and long of students that they know at a very cursory level. 

  • Essay or Writing Sample: 

    This was an interesting analysis to make, as across the board, all the sections are under 40%. Only 16% of students believe that the essay or writing sample has a strong influence while all other brackets are close to 30%. All of the students seem to believe that the college admission essay has little to no bearing on the success in admissions. We tend to disagree with that notion simply because of colleges all across the Western world continuously promote the significance of a college essay. Here is Ivy Coach discussing the significance that Ivy schools tend to pay to college admissions. This is because there is a vast amount of evidence to prove that college admission committee members pay great attention to the content that is written in the essay. 

  • Plan Your Time:  

    A good way to ensure that you choose the right field at the time of admission is to look into many fields of interest beforehand. Take internships, traineeships and various other summer jobs in the fields that you like with the aim that you can check out the actual workplace and know if you want to be a part of that field or not. 

UCLA conducted a survey that found 20% of the students change their majors before the end of their first year. This is a reasonably high number that can easily be managed by tactful guidance of peers and support groups that students have. 

These are the few facts and thoughts that you should keep in mind while looking for your college. This is an important decision in your life it has to be taken carefully.