Free Tutoring Resources and Tools To Check Out!

Tutoring Resources

The tutoring resources are not very well known even though every other person is using tutoring online as an option. Most individuals feel that actually going to tutoring spots is too arduous. The tutors who come to your place will also charge an arm and a leg per hour. That is why online tuitions systems are becoming extremely prevalent. Here is a few online tuition software that is available and will allow you to have a great tuition experience.

IDroo Basic:

It’s an online whiteboard that you can use to draw on. You can get a subscription to the whiteboard in pennies and the basic subscription is completely free. But it will allow you to explain the processes in a simple and visual manner and will bring the real-life class experience to your doorstep.
You can create ten boards for free and you can also import documents up to 50 MB for free. You can access all the features of the product in the free system that you can access the premium package.

Khan Academy:

The Khan Academy is highly revered in the online tuition and education industry. The Khan Academy will allow you to reach all the right content for free. It has an extensive online course catalog that will allow you to access it. It will give you complete course material for all major subjects like science, arts, social sciences, test preparation, and other similar subjects.
The subjects are divided by grade levels so that you do not have to worry about the subject topics that you are looking for. Khan Academy is used by students of higher classes from all over the world. You can customize the lecture and make it suited to your own needs.

Mometrix Academy:

It is a free online resource that will provide you with extensive test preparation tools for a wide range of subjects. The tests include all the major courses like IELTS, TOEFL, SATs, GREs, ACT and all others. It also has a wide range of content on subjects like graduate school testing, legal testing, finance, nursing, and business management among many others.

SmartTutor Free Resources:

Smart Tutor focuses on younger children and allows parents to engage their children in interesting reading lessons, flashcards, educational games, and other tools that will allow them to be educated in an engaging and fun way. The tools are a great way to complement the classroom lessons and are really effective in helping children through classes they are struggling with.


The online tutoring platform that you can use to teach your students online. It gives you access to whiteboards, file uploads, math formula designing, live chat functions, and many other tools that will help you develop a great online classroom for your students.
The program’s basic functionality is available for free and the advanced plan can be bought in the per-student charges. The free plan will let you have five free classes per month and the students take on the subscription. The tutor receives 20% of the charges students pay to the website.


Prezi is a unique and engaging content presentation site that allows you to develop your content in a manner other than powerpoints. If you are tired of the monotony of powerpoints and simply want them out of your life then this is a great tool to have in your life. You can develop engaging and interactive content that will be easy to read and interesting enough that students will stay interested throughout the lecture.


Last but not least, copy space is crucial to providing online tuitions. Students these days do not even realize when they plagiarize from online resources. They sometimes forget to rewrite some portions or do not understand the concept of quotation too well. That is when the copy space software comes to everybody’s help. You need to put all of your student assignments, essays, and other materials through copy space to make sure that they will be effectively evaluated.
All in all, modern technology allows online tutors to have an effective and high-quality experience with their students. Have these tools in your belt and you will conquer the world!