IB Diploma Programme: The Core Subject Breakdown

IB Diploma

IB stands for International Baccalaureate, this is a two-year-long educational program that students can take in the last year of their high school. The students who take up this program are usually from ages 16 to 19 and it mainly focuses on ensuring that students are trained in accordance with international standards. The main utility of the IB diploma program is that it makes the student eligible to skip the foundation years only because they are an international student. This is also an independent and universally acknowledged program that works as an independent foundation program for students. 


The history of IB goes back to Geneva, Switzerland in the 1960s when a group of international educators worked to develop the first globally accepted bilingual diploma. There are 140 countries that are using the IB in one of three linguistic options, English, Spanish and French. In the modern age, it is a highly acclaimed course that is seen as better than three or four A-Level courses and is seen as a substitute for a high school diploma that is internationally acknowledged. 


The assessment plan of the IB diploma focuses on internal and external examinations. The internal examination includes a wide range of options from oral presentations, question answers, and complete written papers. The external examinations include multiple written exams and the exams are checked by an external invigilator who will assess the capability of the student based on their written exams. 

Subject Break Down:

The subject breaks down for International Baccalaureate is rather unconventional. The core subjects are as follows:

Extended Essay: The subject asks for advanced essay writing skills that require research. Citation and strong argument development skills that will make the critical thinking of the student clear. 

Theory of Knowledge: The section focuses on developing the analytical skills of the student. The section makes the student question the nature of their knowledge by tracing back to the root source of their origin of knowledge. This continuous struggle makes them analyze their own knowledge and explain their perspective with complete know-how of the subject. 

Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS): This is a practical section that works on practical application. Students have to work three or four hours a week for the two-year duration of the IB. The focus of the activity is to enhance skill, interest-based learning, a sense of independence and the desire for discovery. 

The Core Subjects:

The core subjects break down in the program is extensive. The six main groups of breakdown are as follows:

  • Group 1:
    This group has two courses, A1 and A2. A1 is the language and literature learning option in the native language of the student. There are 80 languages available to choose in this phase. The A2 subjects can be the interdisciplinary courses that focus on literature and performance. 
  • Group 2:
    Course work is designed in an acquired language, that can be a long-range of languages of choice including Latin, Greek, Spanish, French, and other available options. The student will read a work of literature in the language and the exam will focus on the student’s literacy assessment of the work of focus. 
  • Group 3:
    The course will focus on humanities and social sciences. The options available to students include Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS), Psychology, Philosophy, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Global Politics, History, Business Management, Economics, Geography, and history. 
  • Group 4:
    This group focuses on experimental sciences including Physics, Design Technology, Computer Sciences, Chemistry, and Biology. Environmental Systems and Societies, Nature of Science, Sports, Exercise and Health Science are offered in the second year of this group. 
  • Group 5:
    The group focuses on various levels of Mathematics and the advanced training in mathematics is granted to students who are excelling in the subject. 
  • Group 6:
    Music, Theater, Film, Visual Arts, Dance, Foreign languages or any other interdisciplinary course that students may have an aptitude for can be taken in this group. 

This is the complete outline of the International Baccalaureate that we have outlined for you. We are here with excellent trainers and tutors to help you through your IB journey.

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