Online Learning from Websites: Check out The Best in the Industry!

online learning

The online learning sites are a growing entity in the online world. As long-distance and online education become more and more possible, it is also being widely adopted by individuals from all over the world. There are many good online learning sites that are operating online, here, a few are listed for your convenience. 

  • Coursera:

Coursera is the first online learning platform that was a major hit. The reason was that it included content from major and extremely famous universities and the portal was interactive and easy to work with. They offer the entire coursework for free to all the students. They also have an extensive certification program that is available at very reasonable rates. You will have high quality and authentic exams and their certificates are considered legitimate all over the world. 

  • Khan Academy:

Khan Academy has an extensive range of topics for children in middle and high school and then the higher exams like GRE and SATs. These courses need specialized training that is not commonly available. The website will allow you to prepare for these specialized exams in an effective and high-quality manner. The content is engaging, simply explained and they are explaining advanced statistics, mathematics, and other similar courses. They are the perfect website to get through high school, clear IELTS, GRE, SATs, and other similar exams. They also have other courses for you to try out. 

  • Open Culture Online Courses:

Open Culture Online Courses; you are in your advanced classes at the university and are looking for highly specialized material. Then we suggest this website. The website has 1000 lectures in the form of videos and podcasts from all over the world. Most of the content is from high quality and esteemed universities and the material is developed by the universities exclusively for the website. 

It mainly catalogs all the material provided by the universities and there are few free online courses shared by universities that are not shared on the website. 

  • Udemy:

Udemy is similar to Coursera but the website allows individuals to develop their own courses. This one distinction makes it a whole new world altogether. You will get the most unique and eye-catching courses including personal advice, life advice, soft skills, and hard skills. 

They have highly qualified professors and schools from all over the world that are working with them. The website is very strict about quality and nothing on their website is a waste of time or money. It has a customizable platform that most of the course makers design according to their own ideology. The result is that none of the courses are taken with a similar experience. 

  • Academic Earth:

Academic Earth; another good website for a general list of good online courses is academic Earth. The courses are long and extensive so if you cannot find a course online then you should look it up here and you will probably find it. They have a wide variety of subjects and you may find specialized content that you may not find elsewhere. 

  • edX:

Edx is a website that lists all the Ivy League universities and other top colleges from all over the world. The website has all the free courses and it is the best source to get all the free online courses that are offered by the Ivy League universities. If you are a person who is into learning from fancy institutions then you will love this website. They have a unique and engaging portal with tough and complex examinations. The courses are highly regarded in the global industries as well. 

  • Alison:

Alison was listed in another article on our website as well. The main focus of Alison is to provide semi-soft skill diplomas that will allow the student to get gainful employment. It is a free website that offers certificates. They offer courses in technology, health, and business with a long-range of subtopics that diverge into other fields. 

All in all, the online learning industry has grown at an exponential rate and is a major business these days. You will find the right online programs for yourself in no time. Check out the Tavvy portal for high-quality online tuitions.