Online Learning: The Corporate Interest In Education

The E-Learning culture, globally, has only grown in the past few years. The Forbes Magazine conducted research that concluded that the e-learning market will grow into a $325 Billion industry by the year 2025. The reason is that not only schools but corporations are also using e-learning sites to train their own employees. In the year 2017 alone, 77% of US corporations conducted learning sessions through online learning according to recent research

Corporate Learning:

In modern times, corporate learning culture has grown exponentially with corporations preferring to train their present employees in the required skills rather than hiring employees with the skills. This process is multiplied many folds with the use of smartphones as they make e-learning an exceptionally viable option. In 2017, 67% of US companies were conducted their learning sessions and programs through smartphones. 

  •  Virtues:  The reason for this incredible shift to the online learning systems is the fact the system has many virtues. These virtues are listed below.
  • Retention:  A serious consideration in the eLearning or the learning process, in general, is that retention of knowledge is an issue. But according to a study by the American Heart Association, the eLearning process increases the retention rate in students from 25% to 60% because the students seem to learn more and retain better when they are studying alone. When the responsibility of understanding is placed back on the student, then they become more focused on delivering the results. 
  • The Growth of Employees: The eLearning industry has grown by 900% from 2001 to 2017 according to research. The research has shown that the corporations that tend to train their employees further look for online learning opportunities before they consider physical learning spaces. This has led to an increase of exponential proportions in the eLearning cultures.

 Ambient Insight 2012 – 2017 has shown that the income of employees who are working in the US organizations have increased in instances of 42% of employees across the country because of the skills that they gathered in online learning sessions.

Online Education:

There is a case to be made that modern education resources that are available online have grown extensively in the past decade. Various highly credible names have come into the online and long-distance learning business. A few of them are as follows:

  • Coursera: Coursera is a highly regarded website that is built to provide free education on virtually every subject online. This website has grown exponentially since its inception and 1700 companies including P&G, TATA Communications and similar brands are using the website to provide extensive education options to their employees. 
  • Edx: Edx is one of its kind educational initiative that provides completely free education from Ivy League universities with extensive lectures, tests, forums and other ways to improve the skills. The result is that students are trained extensively in their field for free. 
  • ALISON: This is another initiative in this vein where the education is available online for free. The programs offered focus exclusively on the offices and workplace focused skills that can be acquired. The website has produced more than 1.5 million graduates, has offered 1,000 courses and has 11 million registered users. The website was developed in Ireland and is available globally. 

Modern Application:

Even if online learning is not considered a complete package, modern universities all over the world are using online aides that go with their study programs. The programs offered all around the world combine with facilities like Forums, Blackboards, submission portals, lecture portals and other ways to submit exams. 

The modern education system also uses online libraries, online journal portals such as EBSCOHOST and others to allow students to have access to a wide variety of online resources that they can use to get the results and references that they require. As more and more of traditional education moves towards online portals, the concept of using online education programs become more common, especially in adults.

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