Tavvy’s Registration Process for Students


Tavvy is an online platform where students can study with teachers from all over the world to begin their online education. We have built the modern world in a manner that students are becoming eager to acquire knowledge which is not readily available in their geographical vicinity. This problem leads to the need of hiring online tutors who are available at our global platform for you.
Registration with Tavy is a sure-fire solution to this problem. Tavvy has an easy to use portal that allows students to find teachers who are experts in the required field.
These tutors are highly trained professionals with a few certified by the British Council and other similar institutions. Here we will list the main steps of registration that students have to perform so that students will find the registration process easy to maneuver. 

  • Step 1: Sign Up 

The signup process is simple and easy. All you need is to fill up a basic form to get registered on Tavvy’s global platform. You can check out the form here.

  • Step 2: Account Activation

As with other registration processes, you are required to verify your email. You will receive an activation email from Tavvy. You will be required to click the link mentioned in the email to verify the email address that you have provided. Here, the best advice we can give you is to ensure your email is active so you can get all notification emails from Tavvy on your account.

  • Step 3: Update Profile

Now you will connect with the Tavvy community by completing your profile and activating your dashboard. We will ask you about your age, educational background, geographical location, and subjects of interest.
Your profile will be visible to the tutors you are showing interest in, so we advise you to fully complete your profile. Also, make sure to present a clear and honest picture of your educational situation so that our educators can genuinely help you out.

  • Step 4: Search for Tutors

The Tavvy portal provides a detailed search portal where you can choose the location, qualification and other criteria for tutors by yourself. Our advice for you is to use the criteria that match your requirements and not to simply go for your ideal location or degree credentials. 

  • Step 5: Schedule a session & Complete Payment

Now simply schedule a session and pay through our online payment method. The most feasible part here is that you get an option to pay for one session only on Tavvy. You are not obligated to pay for a month or even a week. If you like the teacher and the teaching methods then you can schedule another session and have a series of booked sessions.
We have designed this process to give you the freedom to choose whether to continue or not. You can try other tutors until you find the teacher who is compatible and matches your requirements perfectly.
Above explained, is the process of studying via Tavvy to further enhance your knowledge. You can schedule the sessions as a part of your homeschooling process in case you need help in understanding certain subjects. Tavvy is here to give you highly qualified teachers from all over the world to meet your education requirements.
Here’s what we want from you! Your good word is our greatest asset and we are nothing without validation from our registered students. We would be eternally grateful if you consider telling your friends. Also sharing a review online when you find our services useful and up to the mark will also be great.
We are here to help you answer all the questions you may have. Share your thoughts in the comments section.