The Benefits Of Tuition

There are many initial reasons why a parent who cares about their child’s educational success may take on a tutor to help them in a specific area, but one common motivation links all of these together: opening up your child’s potential and future life-chances.

Whilst there are many paths which lead to the decision to engage a tutor, the key focus should always be on the benefits of tuition.

Excellent tuition supports students, not just in their educational knowledge and development, but also in their experience as a learner where confidence and happiness is often king. Very often once a student has gained confidence – and this is often one of the most rewarding, immediate and notable ‘side-effects’ of tuition – they feel happier! At that point everything else falls into place. Grades creep up, confidence continues to increase, and guess what? So does the happiness factor. Great, isn’t it? ?

And for those who like a little more proof that happier learners are more successful learners, just ask researchers at Research Schools International. They found that students who reported higher levels of happiness also had higher grades. To add to this, they found that, ‘across all ages, students with positive relationships [with peers, educational staff] were more likely to be happy’. With this in mind, getting your choice of private tutor right is a huge decision. Once you’ve got that right, the benefits speak for themselves. When a student can find a tutor who adds value to their growth experience, a student’s tuition becomes an enriching experience.

Here’s to happy learning and children whose life-chances have no limits!

Sarah Gordon

Signature Tuition