University Scholarship: 6 Great Ways to Win One!

FEEA– the USA has developed this excellent infographic on Scholarships. The focus of discussion today is how to win a University Scholarship for your education? And the answer was right in front of us. We are here to discuss an excellent resource on the topic Lynn O’Shaughnessey who wrote the perfect article published on CBS back in 2011. The resources and concepts discussed in this post are the best stigmatization of the process students need to follow in order to get the scholarships you need. We have simply developed her thoughts in accordance with the international student’s experiences and perspectives.     

 1.University Scholarship: Do Your Research

Every scholarship or grant that you are applying for has two kinds of criteria, implicit and explicit. The explicit criteria are listed on their website and most students follow it diligently. Here is how to find the implicit criteria of a scholarship.

Find former recipients through social networks and get in touch with them if possible. 

Also, look up the scholarship on social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin to find out what other students think.

Discuss the Scholarship with your guidance counselors and mentors to get their perspective. 

Join online communities of students who are working towards scholarships.       

2Community Work:

Volunteering in programs related to your field is a great way to make sure that you are considered for a scholarship. Here are a few ways to distinguish yourself in that area:

  • Decide on your major early on so that you can develop a strong resume for your field of interest. 
  • Find internships and community projects that work on the field. This will allow you to shoot two birds with one stone. You will have volunteering experience as well as experience in your field of interest. 
  • Competitions and contests that are hosted by your education institution are a great way to ensure that you get recognized for your effort. Even if you do not win anything, the samples of your projects are also a great example. 

3. Professionalism: 

Avoid getting into controversial situations in your college years. Have a clean and simple social media identity that shows that you are a responsible and hard-working student. And scholarship providers greatly avoid granting scholarships to troubled teenagers even if their grades surpass expectations. Have a professional email id, social media handles, and WhatsApp IDs. 

4. University Scholarship Search Engine:

An international student should enroll in high-quality scholarship search engines that cater exclusively to international students. The following websites are the best in the business:

  • EPO360: The website targets high school and college international students who are interested in getting scholarships in the USA.  
  • Scholarship Portal: If you are looking globally, then you will find this to be the best option. The portal will tell you which scholarships are best for you based on your preference from universities all over the world. 
  • Scholarship Positions: This is the biggest portal of international scholarships with 4 million scholarships worldwide, listed for you to review. Simply put in your criteria and off you go. 

Should go without saying, but put in all the optional details about yourself so that the portal can find you options that are perfectly catered to your needs. 

5. Apply Everywhere:

The best way forward is for you to find out as many openings globally as possible. This will lead you to apply to as many University Scholarship positions as possible. You cannot depend on one institution accepting your applications. Do expand your application process to include grants, financial aids and fellowships as well. 

Essay Contests:
There is a troupe that assumes that essay contests are hard to win. It is not a fair judgment, if you are a good writer, then submit your essay for the competition. So, it is worth a shot and most individuals are picked up by the jurors as sympathetic cases even if they are not the top three. 

6. Local University Scholarship:

There are various local entities providing international scholarships as well. So make sure that you apply in one if you get a chance. 

We hope that you get the University Scholarship that you need. Tavvy has an extensive scholarship and mentorship assistance program that you should try out as well.