Step 1

Sign-up and Log-in

Create an account to begin your educational journey on Tavvy. The details you share while signing up will help us deliver to you the right assistance. What next? Log in to the world of Tavvy to get access to the best tutors, mentors, and guides to show you the right path in your pursuit of knowledge.

Step 2

Account Activation

Once you register on Tavvy, you will receive a verification email with an activation link. You have to click on the link in your email to verify your account. This important step allows you to become an official part of the Tavvy student community. This step is essential both to verify your email address is active and to meet our terms of use.

Step 3

Complete your profile

Begin your journey of connecting, learning, and discovering by completing your Tavvy profile through the dashboard. Your detailed information will help Tavvy and our educators come to know you so we can provide the services required to tailor-make your educational journey on Tavvy.

Step 4

Search for educators

Type in your requirement and area of interest to discover and learn from the best verified educators globally. Click on the listed Tavvy educators to view their detailed profile and find the right tutor/mentor/guide to accompany you on your educational voyage.

Step 5

Pay, connect, and schedule a session

Once you find the right educator, ‘check out’ by making a payment to connect and book a session with your Tavvy expert. We will share the session details and instructions via email.

Step 6

Get Tavvified!

Attend online sessions with your chosen tutor/mentor/guide by clicking on the link sent to you via email.

Step 7

Share your feedback

Help fellow students benefit from Tavvy by sharing your valuable feedback and experience.