Science Scientific Essence

The essence, procedure, and techniques of science


The essence, procedure, and techniques of science taught under the KS1 curriculum are processes associated with scientific process, discussions and using technical terms that are integral in transforming a student’s approach towards science and growing a specialized scientific vocabulary.

Key Stage 1 curriculum Science

KS1 is an integral part of the National Curriculum of England which has been introduced with the Education Reform Act taking, 1988. When the national curriculum was first introduced, legally, it was valid for both England and Wales. It was later that England alone was subjected to the British National Curriculum. In the year 2014, the National Curriculum was planned to cover a large age group of local authority maintained schools present across England.

The Objectives of Study

The national curriculum on science featuring several scientific method experiments ideas- focuses on the need for implementing primary science scheme of work- which would entail a complete understanding of the nature, methods, and processes of the discipline.

Students should be instructed about

The teaching of this aspect of Science under the KS1 curriculum would involve inculcation of certain specific scientific values and traits like observation, implementing scientific method experiments ideas, discerning regularities and patterns, categorization and slotting, controlled investigation and arriving at conclusions and theories through extensive research. Thus, the primary science scheme of work for the students should be to understand the collection, analysis, and presentation of data.

Target group

KS 1 includes two years of schooling within the context of maintained schools in England and Wales. This pertains to year 1 and 2 and involves students in the age group of 5-7. However, Key Stage 1 may correspond to the infant school in certain cases. Other than this KS 1 may as well form a part of the first or the primary school.


The teaching of the essence, procedure, and techniques of science enable students to avoid unfair understandings in the foundational levels of learning science as a subject. By transitioning the ways of thinking, it helps students progress rationally towards higher levels of studying the subject.