Science, Scientific Knowledge


A through understanding in each stage of KS1 science knowledge skill is required in order to deliver a secured form of mastery over the key concepts. KS1 science knowledge skills are very significant in understanding the cohesive whole of science as a subject. Furthermore, regularly solving KS1 science worksheets can help avoid misconceptions that are irrational and not secular.

Key Stage 1 Curriculum Science

KS1 is an integral part of the National Curriculum of England which has been introduced with the Education Reform Act, 1988. When the national curriculum was first introduced, legally, it was valid for both England and Wales. It was later that England alone was subjected to the British National Curriculum. In the year 2014, the National Curriculum was planned to cover a large age group of local authority maintained schools present across England.

The Objective of the Study

Studying the discipline of scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding under the KS1 curriculum adds clarity to a series of scientific events and concepts. This discipline ensures that every major and minor concept related to each level of studying science is thoroughly understood before a student moves on to the next.

Students should be instructed about

The discipline of scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding is filled with technical proficiencies. Along with the use of common language, the pupil studying the KS1 Curriculum should be guided to develop a domain of specialist vocabulary through solving KS1 science worksheets. Moreover, students require to be attentively taught KS1 science knowledge skills so that they are capable to borrow and use techniques and elements from other subjects like mathematics for yielding productive results within the domain of science.

Target group

KS 1 includes two years of schooling within the context of maintained schools in England and Wales. This pertains to year 1 and 2 and involves students in the age group of 5-7. However, Key Stage 1 may correspond to the infant school in certain cases. Other than this KS 1 may as well form a part of the first or the primary school.


The rational thought process is integral in understanding the true nature of incidents occurring around us. The guidance that is provided by the faculties teaching this discipline enables to transform the thoughts of the children and most significantly promotes them to ask rational questions to understand science better as a subject.