Through the union of the disciplines of physics, biology, and chemistry, education in science provides a fundamental groundwork for understanding the matters going on in the world in which we live. Since the time when primary science replaced religion, it has been considered an exclusive domain of knowledge. Today primary science has come to be accepted as being indicative of the prosperity and progress of mankind. Primary science has been crucial in reversing the process of humans highly depending on the forces of nature.

Key Stage 1 curriculum Science

KS1 is an integral part of the National Curriculum of England which has been introduced with the Education Reform Act, 1988. When the national curriculum was first introduced, legally, it was valid for both England and Wales. It was later that England alone was subjected to the British National Curriculum. In the year 2014, the National Curriculum was planned to cover a large age group of local authority maintained schools present across England.

The Objective of the Study

Promotion of the intellectual, GCSE science and KS1 science has helped in striking a blow to everything irrational and superstitious. The prime objective of imparting spoken knowledge in Science is to enable an overall development of the pupil. It is held to be significant in the preparation of a scientific vocabulary which could help in the articulation of the scientific concepts.

Students should be instructed about

The national curriculum for science has been explained in the form of the relevant programs of study with the following motives for instructions:

  • Imparting scientific cognition and knowledge as well as clarified understanding of the three disciplines within the scientific domain through complete perception of GCSE science and KS1 science.
  • Expansion of knowledge pertaining to the techniques of science through indulging students in significant scientific inquiries by way of which they would be able to adequately respond to the some of the most profound questions about life and universe
  • Providing the students pursuing GCSE science and KS1 science, with adequate scientific knowledge which would help them in the process of understanding the utility and implications of science for the present as well as future generations.

Target group

KS 1 includes two years of schooling within the context of maintained schools in England and Wales. This pertains to year 1 and 2 and involves students in the age group of 5-7. However, Key Stage 1 may correspond to the infant school in certain cases. Other than this KS 1 may as well form a part of the first or the primary school.


The discipline of science as taught under the KS1 curriculum mainly help students to give build scientific enquiries, encouraging them to observe, seek patterns and participate in experiments and scientific discussions which can further lead to more significant scientific enquiries.