Arts and Design

Arts and Design

In the world of creativity- art, craft, and design are highly held since ages. Art and design education should include challenges for pupils and equip them with the needed base that they require to experiment with creativity and invent new ideas every day.

Key Stage 1 Curriculum: Art & Design

KS1 is an integral part of the National Curriculum of England which has been introduced with the Education Reform Act, 1988. When the national curriculum was first introduced, legally, it was valid for both England and Wales. It was later that England alone was subjected to the British National Curriculum. In the year 2014, the National Curriculum was planned to cover a large age group of local authority maintained schools present across England.

The Objective of the Study

Art and design has been recognized as one of the foundation subjects among the plethora of other subjects which form a part of the group. The mapping of student’s progress would happen on the basis of their clear understanding of art and applying the same for a better future.

Students should be instructed about

The specifics happen to be the same for both the years of Key Stage 1 and they are:

  • Students should be taught through arts foundation subject, to make use of a diverse range of materials through art and design putting in all their creative talent for the purpose of designing and making new products and in the process be significantly understanding the reason of pursuing these foundation subjects.
  • Pupil should be goaded to utilize different pieces of art in the form of sculpture, drawing and painting for the purpose of expanding and sharing their experiences, plans, and imaginations
  • They should be taught to develop a diverse range of art and design techniques using different elements of art foundation subject such as textures, forms, color, patterns, spaces, shapes, and lines
  • Students should be socialized into the specifications of the work of the prominent artists, designers and the craft makers such that they are aware of the commonalities and differences between arts foundation subject and also other disciplines, foundation subjects, practices, and forms of artwork.

Target group

KS 1 includes two years of schooling within the context of maintained schools in England and Whales. This pertains to year 1 and 2 and involves students in the age group of 5-7. However, Key Stage 1 may correspond to the infant school in certain cases. Other than this, KS 1 may as well form a part of the first or the primary school.


The KS1 art and design curriculum thus supports the interest of students to produce creations of their own, earn proficiency in drawing to express what they need to, assess the creative works of others and gain intent knowledge of great artists and performers.