Lower Key Stage 2 – Years 3 and 4


From the beginning of the lower key stage 2, the students should be comfortable in reading books, which are appropriate as per their age. The focus in the lower Key Stage 2 books shifts from the ability to understand individual words to boost the capabilities of understanding text. Following the teaching of lower key stage 2, the efforts are made towards the expansion of vocabulary and the importance of reading. This is to ensure that the pupils become capable, independent and eager readers who read extensively and regularly.

Key Stage 2 Curriculum History

The KS2 is an integral part of the National Curriculum of England, which got introduced with the Education Reform Act. When the national curriculum first got introduced, legally, it was valid for both England and Wales. Later, England alone followed the British National Curriculum. The exhaustive program of study of Key Stage 2 forms a part of the primary curriculum under the national curriculum, and it deals with subjects that are specified as per the norms laid in 1988.

The Objective of Study

In addition to accentuating a sense of understanding through the lower key stage 2 curriculum, students get guidance to be vocal about the things they perceive. This will necessarily involve an explanation of what they have read at the beginning of year 3 and mainly on an individual basis by the end of year 4 or lower key stage 2.

With regards to writing, the teachers need to be proficient in helping children to evolve as skilled writers having the capability for effective writing with precision and correct use of punctuations when studying under the lower key stage 2 curriculum. Thus, the stress is on the development of writing expertise through lower key stage 2 vocabulary, and command over sentence structure. All this would involve the correct usage of spellings of words, which the students gather in the lessons provided in the lower Key Stage 2 books. This will by default include sharpening one’s phonic knowledge while pursuing the lower key stage 2 curriculums.

Instructions for Students

The structuring of the program of study for the different stages is to build upon the gaps if any of the previous stage. During Key Stage 1, students who fail to perform adequately need to get equipped in the field through a systematic lesson on phonics program so that they do not fall back. Failing to do so would impair the capability to interpret what one reads and writes meaningfully.

Explicit conditions are laid down in the Lower Key Stage 2 Books in a detailed manner aiming at the development of a child’s overall proficiency within the arena of English language. These include:

  • Spoken Language
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Vocabulary, grammar and punctuation

Target group

The Key Stage 2 follows Key Stage 1 and encapsulates four years of schooling for the maintained schools in Wales and England. This pertains to years 3-6 and involves students in the age group of 7-11. The Key Stage 2 corresponds to junior schools, however, in certain cases; the entire stage is a part of the middle or primary school.


It is imperative to teach the students adequately to practice a clarified sense of understanding pertaining to figurative language, demarcate between different layers of meanings for words which are related and using an academic way of expression that is deemed fit as per one’s age.