Upper Key Stage 2 – Years 5 and 6


After completing the upper key stage 2, i.e., year 5, under the secondary school curriculum students are competent in reading a range of books and poetry as per their age and interest. With a fluent reading and speaking pace upon completion of the secondary curriculum, the focus is on honing skills on effortless pronunciation of words and spellings correctly.

Key Stage 2 Curriculum History

The KS2 is an integral part of the National Curriculum of England, which got introduced with the Education Reform Act. When the national curriculum first got introduced, legally, it was valid for both England and Wales. Later, only England followed the British National Curriculum. The exhaustive program of study of the Key Stage 2 forms a part of the primary curriculum under the national curriculum, and it deals with subjects which are specified as per the norms laid in 1988.

The Objective of Study

Students pursuing the Upper Key Stage 2 need to develop reading skills in a requisite accent and tonality depicting their understanding and should be capable of compiling a related story through the utilization of their vocabulary on completion of the secondary curriculum.

Reading accompanied with a sense of comprehensibility is the focus in the secondary school curriculum. Students get guidance in reading extensively and regularly, to develop their understanding abilities.

Instructions for Students

As far as writing is concerned, by the upper key stage 2, it should come as more of an involuntary activity rather than a forced task. The students should be able to pen down their thoughts with ease upon completion of the secondary curriculum. This would also involve a focus on the usage of precise grammar rules, punctuations as well as correct spellings.

Teachers need to express concern in developing the pupils’ understanding and enjoyment of language, specifically their vocabulary, to assist in the process of writing and reading. Children, who show slow growth in this regard, need to engage in a systematic phonics program, which can help them in attaining perfection. However, it is important to take note of the fact that with assistance, students should be well placed as recipients of the upper key stage 2 program of study under the secondary school curriculum. It implies that they should develop reading abilities, writing skills, become acquainted with grammatical structures, new vocabulary and learning the ability to articulate themselves.

Categories included within the sphere of Upper Key Stage 2 English include:

  • Spoken Language
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Vocabulary, grammar and punctuation

Target group

The Key Stage 2 follows Key Stage 1 and encapsulates four years of schooling for the maintained schools in Wales and England. This pertains to years 3-6 and involves students in the age group of 7-11. The Key Stage 2 corresponds to junior schools, however, in certain cases; the entire stage is a part of the middle or primary school.


By the end of year 6 of the secondary curriculum, students should be comfortable in reading, and the writing capabilities should also be effortless. They should develop the competence to utilize audience specific vocabulary and grammar. Year 6 leads to the ushering in of the secondary curriculum with the onset of year 7 and as such students should get equipped to exercise control over the structuring of their sentences during writing and to make sense of the reason behind the construction of sentences in a specific manner.