Lower Key Stage 2 – Years 3 and 4


The primary emphasis of the Science curriculum for year 4 science and year 3 science is to empower students to adopt a scientific view of the world in which they live. It is significant that the pupils by studying year 4 science and year 3 science recognize the existence of mankind and a better world. It will encourage them to make sense of life on Earth and the relationships between livings beings and their surrounding biotic and abiotic components. They should possess a spirit of reason which can guide them in framing their own queries and solving year 4 science worksheets pertaining to the things that they observe and take decisions with respect to the best scientific tool and method that they can employ to address the question most adequately, all through year 4 science and year 3 science.

Key Stage 2 Curriculum History

The KS2 is an integral part of the National Curriculum of England, which got introduced with the Education Reform Act. When the national curriculum first got introduced, legally, it was valid for both England and Wales. Later, England alone followed the British National Curriculum. The exhaustive program of study of the Key Stage 2 forms a part of the primary curriculum under the national curriculum, and it deals with subjects which are specified as per the norms laid in 1988.

The Objective of Study

The inherent notion of ‘working scientifically’ needs to be built as a consistent point of concern through the successive years. Impart this to the students through year 4 science and year 3 science and precisely link to substantive Science content as stated in the curriculum. Students should be thoroughly acquainted with the scientific problems through solving year 4 science worksheets, with a deep understanding of appropriate usage of theories.

Instructions for Students

As the Key Stage 2 covers a period of four years, the program of study for the subject of Science is specific to each year, and the details of each are laid down below.

Year 3:

  • Working Scientifically
  • Plants
  • Animals including humans
  • Rocks
  • Light
  • Forces and Magnets

Year 4

  • Working Scientifically
  • All Living Things
  • Animals including humans
  • States of Matter
  • Sound
  • Electricity

On the whole, students should find answers to scientific questions and seek answers to them through scientific enquiries, involving fair and comparative tests. To do the same, pupils should resort to systematic observation accompanied by precise measurements taken using standard units.

Target group

The Key Stage 2 follows Key Stage 1 and encapsulates four years of schooling for the maintained schools in Wales and England. This pertains to years 3-6 and involves students in the age group of 7-11. The Key Stage 2 corresponds to junior schools, however, in certain cases; the entire stage is a part of the middle or primary school.


The scientific process will involve fact-finding, collecting, categorizing, interpreting and presenting data. In each of the steps utilization of appropriate scientific terminology, forming possible predictions, coming up with improvements and asking the question should be encouraged for a true study of Science that shall stay usable in the future years as well.