Design and Technology


Forging a clear departure from the idea of rote learning and aiming to structure a comprehensive program of study, the ks2 curriculum of design technology endeavors to indulge students in a range of creative and practical activities. With such design and technology, ks2 lesson plans to provide students with the knowledge, understanding and competence to get involved in an iterative procedure of making and designing.

Key Stage 2 Curriculum History

KS2 curriculum is an integral part of the National Curriculum of England, which got introduced with the Education Reform Act. When the national curriculum first got introduced, legally, it was valid for both England and Wales. Later, England alone followed the British National Curriculum. The exhaustive program of study of Key Stage 2 forms a part of the primary curriculum under the national curriculum, and it deals with subjects which were specified as per the norms laid in 1988.

The Objective of Study

Design and Technology happen to be a significant arena of study as offered within the gamut of foundational subjects covering the Key Stage 2 curriculum. The program of study stretches uniformly across four years (year 3-6). The ks2 curriculum of design technology aims at enabling students to work in diverse contexts [for instance, school, industry, home, culture, wider environment and leisure].

Instructions for Students

When making and designing, instruct pupils to:


  • Encourage students to utilize research and evolve design parameters to permeate the design of functional, creative and alluring products which happens to serve definite motives, for particular individuals and groups.
  • Give rise to, evolve, structure and disseminate their ideas through annotated sketches, discussion, exploded and cross-sectional diagrams, pattern pieces, prototypes and computer-aided design.


  • Choose from and utilize a diverse range of equipment and tools for undertaking and execute practical tasks with precision.
  • Choose from and utilize a broad range of materials and elements, including textiles, construction materials and ingredients, as per their functional properties and aesthetic qualities.


  • Scrutinize and examine an array of existing products.
  • Assess their products and ideas in the light of their design parameters and pay heed to the views of others with the objective of improving their work.
  • Comprehend the ways that significant events and individuals in the field of design technology have contributed towards shaping the world.

Technological Knowledge

  • Make use of their knowledge in order to develop ways of strengthening, reinforcing and stiffening more convoluted structures.
  • Comprehend and utilize mechanical systems in their products.
  • Grasp and utilize electrical systems in their products
  • Make use of their comprehension competence for computing the monitoring, programming and controlling of their products.

Cooking and Nutrition

  • Make sense of and apply the propositions of a diverse and healthy diet.
  • Cook a collection of significantly savory dishes to feed themselves and others a healthy and mixed diet.
  • Acquire expertise in an array of cooking methods [for instance, utilization of electrical equipment and utensils, selection and preparation of ingredients, employment of knowledge pertaining to texture, taste and smell in order to make a decision about the ways to season dishes and combine ingredients, applying heat in diverse ways; adapting and utilizing their own recipes].
  • Comprehend the seasonality, genesis and features of a wide range of ingredients.

Target group

The Key Stage 2 curriculum follows Key Stage 1 and encapsulates four years of schooling for the maintained schools in Wales and England. This pertains to years 3-6 and involves students in the age group of 7-11. The Key Stage 2 corresponds to junior schools, however, in certain cases; the entire stage is a part of the middle or primary school.

The design and technology ks2 lesson plans are drafted crucially with the motive of enabling students to come to terms with their innovative and creative side. Incorporation of topics like cooking and nutrition within the ks2 curriculum of design technology is a clear reflection of the attempt to provide holistic education to the students.