KS3 Maths is a significant subject which requires clear understanding among students when it comes to representations of mathematical ideas. Since, the different Key Stages are not distinctly identifiable, it is required that the students should make judicious use of the skills acquired in Key Stage 2 for mathematical reasoning in solving complicated problems.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum: Maths

KS3 is an integral part of the National Curriculum of England which has been introduced with the Education Reform Act. When the National Curriculum was first introduced, legally, it was valid for both England and Wales. It was later that England alone was subjected to the British National Curriculum. The terminology pertaining to the stage has been specifically elucidated in the Education Act of 2002 as “the period beginning at the same time as the school year in which the majority of pupils in his class attain the age of twelve and ending at the same time as the school year in which the majority of pupils in his class attain the age of fourteen.”

The Objective of the Study

The Expectation of uniformity in comprehending the syllabus of KS3 Maths is considered to be near about equal; however, this is by no means always accurate. Decisions regarding the pace at which the program of study of KS3 Maths should be regulated remains dependent upon the comfort level of the students’ vis-à-vis their preparedness to take the next step forward. The preparations of the pupils can as well be judged by allowing them to solve KS3 Mathssats papers and KS3 Maths worksheets. Pupils who perform exceptionally should be further motivated through tougher levels of complex problems before they are pushed towards any new content. On the other hand, pupils who happen to be weak academically should be guided to fortify their knowledge through rigorous practice of KS3 Mathssats papers as well as KS3 Maths worksheets before they can move on to the advanced level of learning.

Students should be instructed about

The program of the study detailing the curriculum for mathematics, which stretches in a uniform manner across the three years of Key Stage 3, emphasizes certain key concepts. These are:

  • Working Mathematically
    • Develop fluency
    • Reason mathematically
    • Solve problems
  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Ratio, proportion and rates of change
  • Geometry and measures Probability
  • Statistics

Target group

Key Stage 3 follows Key Stage 2 and encases three years of school teaching in maintained schools in Wales and England. This corresponds to years 7, 8 and 9, with the age of the students ranging from 11 to 14.


Moreover, it is expected that the students adopt an inter-disciplinary approach through which they would be able to employ their mathematical information in solving KS3 Mathssats papers or KS3 Maths worksheets and also in a varied range of other disciplines like computing, science, geography, and other subjects.