Key Stage 4 / Science

Key Stage 4 / Science

KS4 Science Curriculum


Introduction The KS4 Science Curriculum has been designed with the aim of reiterating the lessons acquired through earlier stages, albeit in a more intricate manner with the specific aim of…

KS4 Physics curriculum


Introduction Physics is the branch of science which deals with the elementary notions of radiation, field, particle structure and force, which are inter-connected to generate unified prototypes of the behavior…

KS4 Chemistry Curriculum


Introduction The fundamental essence of chemistry and the core component of the KS4 Chemistry Curriculum is the study of matter in terms of its structure, reactions, composition and properties. This…

KS4 biology curriculum


Introduction Biology is the science of the biotic components, that is, the living organisms (inclusive of flora and fauna) and their interaction and interplay among themselves as well as their…