About Us

Brand Vision

To be the leading platform for all things education, where seeker and provider of knowledge, information and products, connect using a standard and easy-to-use technology.

Brand Mission

To provide students globally with a level playing field in their quest for knowledge, information, and support structures in a bid to reach their life potential. To create a global hub for all to access education services using the power of technology and the internet.

Our Values

Education is for everyone, and we exist to provide a platform to anyone who wishes to pursue knowledge, regardless of geographic boundaries and socioeconomic status.

Online e-Learning Platform

About Tavvy

Tavvy is a tech-enabled education platform that brings together an ecosystem of educators, enablers, students, and parents to meet all educational needs. As a global education service provider, we believe that all students should be able to pursue their dream education, regardless of their income or geographical location. We enable students to benefit from world-class mentors, guides, and tutors from across the globe as they move from school curriculum to university admission and graduation.